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How to use the VIK site.

(This user guide is also available as a donwloadable pdf file; click here user guide)

The VIK site is a website for young people affected by mental health problems to share experiences, feed into the work of the VIK project as we campaign to shape future mental health policy and improve services for young people.

The VIK website allows you to:

• Keep up to date with YoungMinds and VIK News
• Stay informed about what is happening in each region
• Create your own posts.
• Comment on posts
• Sign up for opportunities that interest you.

The VIk site is split into pages and categories.










You will be able to post things under categories.

  • News: Latest VIK & YoungMinds news, including updates from your region.
  • VIK Achievements: What the VIK & VIR have achieved
  • Media: Things in the news relating to mental health and young people.
  • Experiences: Read about experiences other young people have had and their tips, advice  and guidance.
  • Gallery: Artwork, videos, photos contributed by VIK site users.
  • Make a Difference: Opportunities to get involved.  (see also the Events page).




How do I post to the website?

  • First you will need to register and log in to your VIK site account.
  • You will then be in the Dashboard area of the site, which will look something like this:

If you just want to add text your post then follow these instructions.  If you want to add pictures, videos or any other media please email vikinfo@youngminds.org.uk

















6)    Click on the blue ‘submit for moderating’ button.

Once your post has been checked and edited by one of our VIK editors it will be published and will appear on the VIK site.

You can get back to the VIK site by clicking on the Very Important Kids title:



Why does the post need to be checked?

  • The VIK Editors may check your post to make sure it makes sense or spelling mistakes.  If for some reason you do not want any mistakes corrected please let us know.
  • We have style guidelines which need to be followed – which covers things such as what swear words are allowed on the site (but this is ultimately up to the VIK Editors, if the swearing is in context it may be left in).
  • A ‘Trigger Warning’ may be added to the title of the post.
  • They will make sure your post is in the correct category.  If you want to add any pictures to the post – please let us know by emailing us at vikinfo@youngminds.org.uk if you do not the VIK editors may add their own picture if appropriate.

How do I get my own avatar?

If you would like to add your own picture to your VIK site profile – sign up for a Gravatar Use the email address you used to sign up to the VIK site and upload a picture – your Gravatar will appear when you post a comment if you are logged in.

How do I make a complaint/suggestion?

You can email us at vikinfo@youngminds.org.uk or leave feedback in the online suggestion box (but remember that this is anonymous so we will not be able to respond directly to you).

What’s blog of the month?

Blog of the month is awarded by a YoungMinds member of staff to the best blog written by a young person that month.  The prize is a £20 love2shop voucher.








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