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Update: Positive Participation in CAMHS settings – Yorkshire & Humberside regional network

Participation training – sign up!

We now have new training materials available, which have been carefully developed alongside VIK and VIR young people. They look at how participation can be relevant and meaningful in a CAMHS context, and come under the three headings – ‘What is participation?’ ‘Why is it important in a CAMHS context?’ ‘How do we move forward (map and plan)?’  These sessions are tailored to the specific service / organisation and delivered alongside young people wherever possible. To book a training / consultation session in Y&H contact Liz -   Elizabeth.neill@youngminds.org.uk


  • Wakefield FOCUS forensic CAMHS team recently accessed YoungMinds’ VIK participation training for their team. This explored the importance of a young person’s perspective and looked at how to increase involvement within the service. “The workshop was an excellent opportunity for me and my team to generate ideas as to how we could engage young people within our specific forensic context. I particularly appreciated the efforts of Liz to tailor the workshop to our needs”  Abdulla Kraam, Consultant Psychiatrist, FOCUS team


  • Students at York University had a taster training session which was facilitated alongside two young VIRs (Very Important Reps) for YoungMinds   VIK project… “Thanks very much for actively contributing to a session on participation in CAMHS with a group of mental health care professionals undertaking a post-registration degree in child and adolescent mental health at York University. They performed confidently and capably in a potentially stressful environment for them and their presence helped underscore the message of the importance of participation in CAMHS’  Pete Turner, course tutor.

Sally speaks again!

Sally, one of our  VIR reps from Leeds has been busy making another brilliant video about living with her mental health condition – view it here and feel free to leave comments for her!


‘Deciphering the system’

Vanessa, a new VIR for the project, has written an interesting and informative piece aimed at other young people about how to ‘decipher’ the mental health system based on her experiences of ongoing admissions to inpatient services. It is hoped that she will be working with an animation company in the coming months to develop her ideas into film. Read more here

http://www.vik.org.uk/2012/03/02/deciphering-the-system/  or for a full version in Word  see attached doc.

Closing the Gap: Shared Decision Making in CAMHS

Bradford District Care Trust is working with YoungMinds and the CAMHS Evidence Based Practice Unit as one of the selected Closing the Gap sites. Commissioned by The Health Foundation this project seeks to empower children, young people and their families to make informed choices and become active partners in their treatment. Watch this space for more information about the development of  Closing the Gap: Shared Decision Making in CAMHS (2010-2012)  or contact Jasmine.Hoffman@annafreud.org

Children and Young People’s IAPT

The CYP’s IAPT successful collaborative in the North West covers the areas of Central Manchester, Salford, The Pennines, Derbyshire and Barnsley. YoungMinds VIK staff Liz Neill and Marcia Harvey will be supporting the collaborative over the next 6 months to meet their IAPT remit to build in a culture of participation which informs strategic leadership, operational management and personal shared decision making.

Sharing good practice in Scunthorpe

Read an account of Scunthorpe CAMHS’ latest user involvement developments (see attached ‘Hit Squad’ doc for information). Contact Jane at RDaSH for more information  jane.catlyn@rdash.nhs.uk

BBC Radio York

are running a week of feature programmes about children and young people’s mental health in North Yorkshire next week. This will include an interview with two young people, Hannah and Carrie, talking about their own experiences of mental health issues, and regional worker VIK Liz Neill.     http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/bbc_radio_york

Training Education Welfare Officers

“I’m passionate about educating people who work with children/young people about mental health and how it can affect learning and school attendance. Drawing on my own experience I’ve been working with Liz Neill from YoungMinds and Jancis Andrew (Head of Service, Attendance Strategy Team) to develop a training package aimed at educating Education Welfare Officers about how anxiety can make it difficult for children/young people to attend school and how they can best support these young people. We hope for the first cohort of welfare officers to attend a training day soon and are currently working on audio recordings of young people talking about their school experiences to complement this”.

Carrie, YoungMinds VIK, Leeds

VIK project working with HULL CAMHS

VIK YoungMinds project has been supporting Hull and East Riding CAMHS to develop their participation strategy and model. Over the next few months Hull and East Riding will be addressing the You’re Welcome criteria within CAMHS services across the area. This will include involving various groups of young people to judge how well these services are doing in the areas of information / publicity, and environment.

Leeds transitions team

An audio recording sharing experiences of four young people talking about their transition from CAMHS to adult services has been used in training sessions by Leeds Transition Team for professionals in CAMHS and AMHS to help explore what a good transition would look/ feel like.  For more information about this audio product contact Liz Neill.

For further news and information, issues and blogs by young people in this region go to


  • Are you interested in joining a network for shared learning and good practice?  ‘Positive Participation in CAMHS settings’ is open to any professionals in Yorkshire and Humberside who work in this field and are interested in improving practice around service user involvement. Currently this is an email network with monthly updates of activity in this region and a space to share contacts and find out about opportunities and resources. There may also be future regional or local meetings.  If you want to join the network please send your email contact details to Elizabeth.neill@youngminds.org.uk
  • 7 young people in this region are currently working hard to develop some guidelines for ‘Young CAMHs Inspectors’ -  this is hoped to be a great opportunity for young people who have had experience of local services to have meaningful dialogue with managers of services about achievable improvements. York CAMHs, Hull CAMHs and National Deaf CAMHS are likely to be part of this process during 2011. If you would like to know more about this contact Liz Neill.
  • We have a growing number of young ‘ambassadors’ or ‘VIRs’ (Very Important Reps) in this region – young people who are passionate about raising awareness about mental health, tackling stigma and campaigning for better services. If you would like to promote this opportunity to any young people  you are in contact with please contact Liz Neill.

Get in touch with Liz at:


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