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Work going on in the South-West at the moment.


VIK have a good connection with the Cornwall CAMHS young people’s shadow partnership board, facilitated by Hear Our Voice. One of the members of the board is working as a very important representative (VIR) and has attended one of the VIK meetings in London to introduce the Commissioning work he has been doing with the other members of the shadow board.


VIK are working with Equal Voices and CAMHS to deliver participation training to professionals. Equal Voices and CAMHS have convened a young people’s panel of CAMHS service users and one of the panel is planning to join VIK and will be coming to the VIK day in January.


The Regional VIK Support Officer attends the CAMHS best practice forum and has worked on a number of projects with CAMHS including delivering training to Clinical Psychology students at Exeter University.

VIK has made extensive links with many voluntary sector organisations in mental health and young people’s participation and involvement. VIK have been asked to provide expert input to a county wide consultation into vulnerability conducted by Young Devon after Mental Health came up as the major concern.


VIK have one panel member in this region.

VIK have consulted 70 young people on behalf of the Commissioning team in order to develop the CAMHS self assessment matrix (SAM) for young people to become central to that process. The project to develop the SAM is being supported by NCSS and Cernis and will be completed in January.

On behalf of the commissioning team VIK have consulted 300 local young people and are looking to link this consultation into a wider consultation of young people in Somerset to get a more complete picture of what are the main issues around emotional health and wellbeing for young people in Somerset so that a young person’s emotional health and wellbeing strategy can be written in the new year.

VIK are working closely with CAMHS and have run a workshop in Orchard Lodge around the SAM and will be supporting CAMHS in terms of involving young people in recruitment and selection as well as developing the care plan libraries and the regional support officer is a member of the Your Welcome steering group and is supporting CAMHS with this.


VIK have a panel member in Dorset and are working with the County participation manager and CAMHS commissioner to look at ways in which the project can support them.

VIK have also made strong links in the voluntary sector in the region with ReThink and are discussing possibilities to work together in the county and region.


VIK have just made contact with Off the Record who are working with the CAMHS partnership to provide support with their participation strategy and practise and are meeting with them in the new year to look at possibilities for joint working.


VIK have met with Action for Children who have been supporting CAMHS with participation in this area and are hoping to work in the county in the new year.


VIK have one panel member in this area and are working with Mentality a young person’s group facilitated by Off the Record, a local provider of counselling for young people. The VIK member is a also a member of the mentality group. VIK have supported mentality with training in campaigns and media in partnership with Sounds Positive and will provide further support in terms of participation training in the New Year.

VIK have also made links with CAMHS in Ashfield YOI and have attended an event there for world mental health day, we will be attending again next year.

VIK also have a meeting planned with Barnardos in the New Year to look at partnership working as they have been taking the lead in terms of participation and CAMHS in the city, running some outstanding projects.

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