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Work going on in the North-West at the moment:

  • VIK and Rosie are meeting a Blackburn with Darwen project regularly as part of a participation project they are doing. It is funded by NHS life Check and is about the young people designing and implementing a resource for 11-15 year olds on mental health issues they feel are most relevant for the area ( looking like it will be self harm and depression at the moment and they are keen to do a film).
  • The tender has gone out for a young persons website/network for the NW on campaigning issues for mental health and also a professional forum that will meet across the NW 3 times a year.
  • We now have 6 new VIR’s who are beginning to work in specific aspects across the NW.  They are going to meet every two months just before the VIK days so that they can feed into what is happening via the VIK panel. Rachael (VIK) and Rosie met with two of them and one of them called Alex is keen to manage the VIR meets and do minutes etc. We are currently looking for a venue.
  • Alex is also currently consulting and putting together a proposal for a group around Emotional Health and Wellbeing to run within Liverpool University that will evolve depending on the needs of the students. Alex has agreed to write a blog for the website on how this develops.
  • Cheshire and Chester West want support on working with their commissioners re participation so we are working with a key commissioner on how to move this forward. A meeting has been confirmed for early next year when VIK/VIR and Rosie will present the benefits of participation to a CAMHs commissioning board.
  • Rosie is working with the Hindley YOI and prison. They would like a VIR representative from there and also would like to do regular participation work. This will begin next year.
  • We are working frequently with 42nd street and FYI ( Fun Youth Involvement) in Liverpool.
  • We will be meeting with participation group Emerge in Manchester soon.
  • We are in talks with East Lanc CAMHs re participation training and supporting them in developing a participation youth board that is right for them.
  • Rosie is working with RDW and leads on 16-18 transition with LD and we are having a working workshop day in January with five boroughs all around questions on a Health Prompt. VIK and VIR will facilitate a discussion table for young people as part of the consultation.
  • Rachael has now decided on a different project for the ITV fixers that is around the issue of ‘Labels’and VIR Alex is going to work with her on it.

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