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What’s Going on in the North East

Newcastle Local Involvement Network (LINk) commissioned West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES) and Streetwise, two organisations with a special interest in young people’s health and the participation of young people, to lead on the research. They recruited and trained 10 peer researchers who designed questionnaires and facilitated focus groups to find out about the knowledge, attitudes and experiences of a diverse cross-section of over 300 young people aged 13-25 across the city.

The research found that young people are concerned about a wide range of health issues, the most prominent being cancer, body image, sexual health and mental health.  The majority of young people preferred to explore their health concerns face to face with General Practitioners (GPs), youth workers and in educational settings, preferably with adults whom they had developed a trusting relationship with.  Most young people participating in the study would like to be more involved in health decisions yet there are barriers to their involvement which include being treated differently to adults. Ten recommendations, which build on good practice, are made to encourage young people’s active participation in their health.

Read the Our Health Our Voice report (January 2012) & ‘Our Health, Our Voice’ – Young people’s report.

  • Yvonne is continuing to offer support to the participation champions from the Tees, Esk & Wear Valley Trust at their monthly meetings as they continue to build their participation network. There have already been changes implemented in the Trust including piloting recruitment training for young people and investing a lot of resources in getting feedback from young service users.
  • Yvonne will also continue to support that Trust as it completes its Hear by Rights review (at Trust level)
  • Yvonne will continue to attend the implementation committee of the new intensive community treatment service in North Tyne
  • Yvonne and VIK SW have been involved in developing the emerging service user forum at Ferndene (was Prudhoe Hospital)
  • Yvonne will continue to support the development of the Sunderland CAMHS participation group who have already had success in implementing identified changes. The next stage is to implement a photography project called “Express Your Emotions” using funding supplied by Tyneside Fine Arts Society.
  • Yvonne is working with other partners to hold a huge all day outdoor event in Newcastle in September promoting anti-stigma messages. It is likely that VIKs will be required to help out
  • Yvonne is attending the Royal College of Psychiatry Public Education Committee – help needed from VIKs / VIRs to review some materials
  • Yvonne and VIK SW have been commissioned by NEMHDU to lead the discussions around developing a North East Regional Youth Board (Mental Health). It is hoped that a young person will be appointed to lead the project on a part-time basis.
  • Yvonne will continue to research advocacy models and promote advocacy region-wide

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