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So far in London:

  • We have 6 active individual VIKs and VIRs and 2 groups of young people who are working with YoungMInds to help raise awareness about MH issues and are being supported to have a stronger voice in shaping mental health services for young people. This network of young people will be built up over the course of the project
  • Working with staff and a panel of young people from North East London Mental Health Trust on a number of projects including site visits/assessments, rewriting CAMHS standards and work around evidence based practice.
  • Supporting a VIK and VIR to develop their model for a Service User Support Group within a CAMHS – this is an entirely youth led project and could provide an exciting model – watch this space!
  • Sitting on the partnership board of the Newham Right Here pilot project – this is a 5 year Paul Hamlyn/Mental Health Foundation project led by a group of key Newham organisations that aims to implement a young people led commissioning programme, launch an extensive well being champions service and deliver issue based workshops among other things.
  • Undertaking some participatory evaluation work as part of Southwark TaMHS within 4 schools. The aim of this is to get young people’s voices into the end report for Southwark TaMHS, to give them an opportunity to say what works for them in terms of wellbeing and to support schools to maximise their learning from the TaMHS pilot.
  • Developing a set of guidelines for setting up a youth participation group within a mental health setting. This will form part of our training package and will be a great resource for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services who want to set up meaningful participation structures within their service. It has been co-written by young people and has input from CAMHS around the country, containing scenario based ‘What If’s’, Top Tips and good practice case studies.
  • Working with Oxleas Mental Health Trust to support them to develop participation across 3 boroughs, including involving young people in service redevelopment and the redevelopment of their website.
  • Looking at similar support for participation development in a number of London Mental Health Trusts

And much more!

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  1. Zaynah 17/09/11 At: 10:35 pm


    I recently found out about YoungMinds and I’d really like to get more involved as a young person (I’m 14). I see you’re working with the N.East London Mental Health Trust, which is where I live. I’d also like to bring issues to light in my borough (Redbridge). This may sound stupid, but how do you ‘become’ a VIK?

    My email kept failing for some reason when I tried to email you.

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