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News from the VIK team in the West-Midlands region.

Volunteer opportunity for Time to Change

We are looking to fill 15 volunteer co-trainer roles for young people to co-deliver anti stigma and discrimination training to professionals working with young people in the Birmingham/West Midlands a...
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when an invisible illness becomes visable

Until about 6 months ago, this is something that I, like many people, have taken for granted. The ability to be able to communicate my thoughts in my head, in to language that can easily be understood...
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The real me

I must be stronger than the elements I must look out for those around me, those who need me I must be caring, calming, and hopeful I must not waver or feel emotions I must be the protector of all who ...
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Recovery with a twist

According to the oxford English dictionary there are three definitions of the word recovery and when it comes to mental illness the one we think of is a return to a normal state of health, mind or str...
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Surviving uni with a mental health difficulty

Sorry this is a bit in bullet points but im struggling right now and wanted to write this in time for it to be useful to someone! Uni is not an easy experience for anyone, let alone someone struggling...
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